Cluster - AGN Interaction

A ROSAT HRI image of the region around the galaxy NGC 1275 at the centre of the Perseus cluster. The contour lines show the radio structure as given by VLA observations. The maxima of the X-ray and radio emission coincide with the active nucleus of NGC 1275. In contrast, the X-ray emission disappears almost completely in the vicinity of the radio lobes. The hot, X-ray emitting plasma has been displaced by the relativistic, radio emitting particles.

[ROSAT HRI Image - Centre of the Perseus Cluster]

Böhringer, H., W. Voges, A. C. Fabian, A. C. Edge, and D. M. Neumann, A ROSAT HRI study of the interaction of the X-ray emitting gas and radio lobers of NGC 1275, Month. Not. R. A. S. 264, L25-L28 (1993)

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