Technology Transfer

Max Planck Innovation (see website), the technology transfer agency of the Max Planck Society oversees the commercial aspects of the Plasma Health Care Project. The two main goals of the project are: creating a portfolio of protected inventions, which are an important requirement for a successful commercialisation; providing industry contacts for defining research strategies combining fundamental research with market requirements for a successful product development.

To date this project comprises several patent families, which protect different plasma devices, such as the platform technologies of microwave, Venturi and barrier corona discharge plasma sources, and different plasma types (''designer plasma''). In contacts with different industry partners the commercial value of the plasma healthcare research is evaluated. The outcome of these discussions allows us to identify the challenges of the Health Care and Clean Tech markets. In cooperation with the plasma scientists, we develop research strategies to meet these challenges and to develop products for these highly competitive markets.

The commercial cooperation with industry partners is possible on the basis of licence contracts or start-ups.

We at max Planck Innovation are available to discuss the potentials of the technology for the Health Care and Clean Tech markets. For technical and market related questions regarding the Plasma Health Care Project, please contact

Wolfgang Tröger
Max Planck Innovation GmbH
Amalienstr. 33
80799 Munich

Phone: +49 (0) 89 29 09 190
Fax:   +49 (0) 89 29 09 1999


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